What is Wilh-ma?

Wilh-ma started in 2014 after the Founder’s trip to Japan. He was travelling to a country that was so foreign to him. He did not know any Japanese word other than Arigato (thank you), had never been to Japan, and yet he threw himself and his family to the Samurai land. The trip went incredibly well with the help of pocket Wi-Fi (portable modem) that he rented for navigation, translation, and last-minute searches such as for activities and restaurants.

Through this educating experience, Wilh-ma was founded and is available for outbound travellers from Australia to rent the pocket Wi-Fi and get the unit delivered in Australia prior to their departure.

Wilh-ma is a word in language of Wagiman, near-extinct indigenous Australian language spoken by fewer than 10 people, which simply means ‘to go’ or ‘to walk’. Wilh-ma believe it reflects Aussie culture of traveling abroad and believe that traveling around the world widens knowledge and one of the key contributors to happiness. Hence, Wilh-ma vision is simply to make people travel smart and happy.