Special Promotion

  1. GET 3 days FREE rental if you take a photo of our pocket wifi with landmark in the background. Either it is Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Statue of Liberty, Sakura flowers, Taj Mahal, safari in Africa, Christ the Redeemer, or white sand beaches. Enjoy the trip and the free 3 days rental!
    • Take a photo
    • Tag our Facebook page @wilhmaaustralia or our Instagram account @wilh_ma
    • Send an email to contact@wilh-ma.com.au with the screenshot that shows your account, the tagging, and the photo!
    • 3 Days Rental Fee will be issued as a refund once we receive the device back
  2. Loyalty 10% Discount
    • This promotion is applicable for your 2nd order onwards
    • If you do not have the Loyalty Discount coupon code, please email us to request for the code. We will match your email address with our historical orders and will be happy to give the code to you.
    • We reserve the right to stop the promotion
    • Applicable for all Pocket Wifi Rental products
  3. Connect with us on Social Media and get 5% Discount
    • Like or Share our Facebook Page @wilhmaaustralia OR Follow our Instagram @wilh_ma, and tag one or more of your friends on one of our posts. Please contact us with the proof and a coupon code will be shared with you
    • Applicable for all Pocket Wifi Rental products
    • The discount can be used in conjunction of other discount. It is only valid once
  4. Eat and enjoy Indonesian Cuisine @ Meetbowl, South Melbourne and get 10% OFF. Click here for detail.
  5. FREE Coffee from Market Lane with every pocket wifi reservation*. Click here for detail.