Sumo Wrestling in Tokyo

Sumo Wrestling in Tokyo

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Visit the Sumo Museum at Ryogoku Kokugikan
Tour the Sumo Museum. A variety of items related to sumo wrestling are on exhibit here. The exhibit changes 6 times a year, so even those who have visited before can look forward to something new.

Watch Sumo at Ryogoku Kokugikan
Participants will watch from 2nd floor B seats. Enjoy the thrilling matches from your reserved seat. A sumo brochure is also provided.

Makuuchi Wrestler Ceremonial Entrance. The crowd becomes alive at the sight of their favorite wrestlers and cheers them on. The atmosphere in the arena brightens instantly.

Yokozuna Grand Champion Ring Entrance. The yokozuna enter the ring accompanied by two apprentices.

Intense bouts between the highest division wrestlers begin.

How to enjoy Sumo:
Watching the sumo matches is the main event, but there are many other things to enjoy at the Kokugikan arena. First, check out the arena entrance lobby to look at the championship flags and other items given to champion sumo wrestlers. The lobby is also a popular spot for photo taking. Secondly, the arena houses a Sumo Museum where important sumo related items such as woodblock prints, folding screens and ceremonial aprons from as far back as the Edo period are on display. Check out the exhibit during a break in the sumo matches.
Finally, don’t forget to browse through the various sumo-related goods that are on sale.

18:30 – Chanko Hot Pot or Sukiyaki Dinner
Look forward to a meal of chanko hot pot – the source of sumo wrestlers’ power – or Japan’s popular sukiyaki.

19:30 – Tour ends
Please head to your next destination on your own after dinner. The guide will provide directions back to your hotel.

*Please note that participants may not join partway through the tour.
*After visiting the Sumo Museum, enjoy watching sumo matches in B-class seats on the second floor. Also, seats may not be designated. This information will be informed on the day of the tour.
*Children up to 3 years of age may also join, but must sit on the lap of a parent or guardian while watching. Please make a booking at the child rate if your child requires their own seat.
*Please note that you may have to wait to be taken to your seat if one of the following events is underway at the time: a sumo match, the ring entering procession of the Makuuchi division wrestlers (dohyoiri), the ring entering procession of the Yokozuna, the ritual stomping ceremony, or a speech by the Sumo Association (on the first and the last tournament day). In such a case, you will be taken to your seat when the event is over.
*Please refrain from bringing food and drinks into the arena. Please purchase food and refreshments from the vendors inside the arena.
*Participants are allowed to purchase food or items, or take a break or have a meal at the dining hall while the match is going on. The sumo matches are held from the lower ranks to the higher ranks, beginning with the junior division.
*When booking, please select either chanko hot pot or sukiyaki for your meal. If a participant’s meal selection has not been informed by 15:00 on the day prior to the tour, chanko hot pot will be served by default. Also, please make vegetarian meal requests at the time of booking.
Same-day meal changes and same-day vegetarian requests are not accepted.