Taiwan Special

AUD$9.50 AUD$4.95 / day

Wilh-ma is working with Jetfi Taiwan to bring the best price and product quality to you. The pocket wifi is to be picked up at Taiwan airport upon arrival.

NTD 4000 deposit will be processed with your credit card as a hold/authorisation. If device loss or damage occurs, there is a replacement charge of NTD 4000. Plugs, cable and pouch has a replacement cost of NTD 100 each. If those items are missing, it will be deducted from the deposit

For any cancellation within 2 days of pickup date, there is a handling fee of NTD 200 per order. For cancellations done before the deadline, there is no cost.

Taipei Terminal 1 and 2 - 24/7 Terminal 1 Map and Terminal 2 Map
Songshan Airport - 07:00 - 22:00 Map
Kaoshiung International Airport - 06:00 - 24:00 Map
Start Date is your arrival date and End Date is the date of your departure. Failure to provide correct information may result issue in collection and no refund will be provided.
Please specify Itinerary. Thank you
Start Date: Date of leaving Australia. We use Start Date for posting purposes. We aim for the pocket wifi to arrive in the specified delivery address/pickup location between 2 and 5 business days prior to Start Date.
End Date: Date of last date in overseas before returning to Australia

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Key Features

    • Price in AUD (unless specified)
    • The data plan consists of 3 GB high speed 4G LTE, from 3GB to 4 GB the speed throttles to 1 mbps; from 4GB to 5GB the speed throttles to 512 kbps; after 5GB the speed stays at 256 kbps
    • Data Reset: Data resets every day midnight Taiwan time (GMT +8)
    • Avoid expensive roaming fee
    • Share cost – up to 5 connections
    • Long Pocket Wifi battery life (up to 10 hours usage time)
    • Trusted service. See our independent reviews here