Happy Lemon Melbourne

#WarmingUpMySenses WIlh-ma Happy Lemon
#WarmingUpMySenses WIlh-ma Happy Lemon

As part of #WarmingUpMySenses series, Wilh-ma has teamed up with Happy Lemon Melbourne for you to warm up your senses with one of the most iconic beverages that represents the taste of Asia, bubble tea 🙂 before your travel.


When you buy 1 Happy Lemon drink, you can get 10% discount on Wilh-ma pocket Wi-Fi rental by showing the receipt. A coupon code will be issued for you to specify during the checkout. If you have already booked and did not specify the coupon code, don’t worry. We will adjust the booking for you.


Similarly, you will get 10% OFF Happy Lemon drink when you show the receipt of Wilh-ma pocket Wi-Fi rental.


Click here to Book Now. 点击此处预定

There is no cancellation fee if the request is sent 7 days prior to departure date.




Some Terms and Conditions


#WarmingUpMySenses WIlh-ma Happy Lemon
Wilh- ma & Me

To Get 10% OFF Wilh-ma Pocket Wi-Fi Rental


Only valid for Pocket Wi-Fi rental (no other service)


One drink is valid for one time rental. Customers can reserve multiple times by purchasing addition drink from Happy Lemon


Wilh-Ma reservation has to be made within 7 days of the Happy Lemon drink purchase


Any Happy Lemon drink


Show receipt to WM by sending email



To Get 10% OFF Happy Lemon Drink


  • Only valid for Happy Lemon drink in Melbourne 限墨本快乐柠
  • Only valid for 1 drink. Customers can reserve multiple times by reserving another pocket Wi-Fi from Wilh-ma限一杯品。客可以在Wilh-ma再次预定随身Wi-Fi取多次折扣。
  • Happy Lemon drink purchase has to be made within 7 Days after the Wilh-Ma reservation is made快乐柠檬饮品折扣需在Wilh-ma预定之后的7天内兑换。
  • Only valid for pocket Wi-Fi rental限随身Wi-Fi
  • Reserve Wilh-Ma Pocket Wi-Fi. Show Wilh-Ma receipt to Happy Lemon at the counterWilh-ma随身Wi-Fi之后,到墨本快乐柠檬向店出示定收据。
#WarmingUpMySenses WIlh-ma Happy Lemon
Happy Everyday

Happy Lemon Detail:


Location 地址Shop 1, 77 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000

Instagram: @happylemon_mel

Facebook: @HappylemonAustralia

WeChat 微信: happylemon_mel