Do you have Affiliate Program?

Yes we do. You could earn 5% per referral. Please visit http://wilh-ma.com.au/affiliate-wilh-ma/ to register.

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How to connect to the pocket wifi?

For RoamWifi (orange colour) device:

§  Press the Power button for few seconds to turn on the device

§  It may take up to 60 seconds to search the network

§  Once connected, it will show the country name and the data usage is displayed on the screen

§  Press the Power button once to go to the next page of the screen to display the SSID and password

For ZTE (black colour) device:

§  Turn on the router by sliding the power button on the top right of the router

§  Touch the lock icon to unlock the screen

§  Tap on SSID. The following information will be displayed:

o   SSID A

o   Security Key

§  From the phone, computer, or any WIFI enabled devices, search for the SSID A network name displayed on screen and enter the Security Key as password




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What is the return address?

The prepaid envelope has got the return address. If you lost the envelope, the return address is PO BOX 2068 South Melbourne, VIC 3205, Australia

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When will deposit be refunded?

It normally takes 2-7 business days for the device to arrive. It may take up to a week to check the device, sanitise, and process the refund. Having said that, we are usually pretty good (on average, it takes 24-72 hours).

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How do I get the refund?

The refund will be issued to paypal or credit card or bank account that was used for payment as soon as we receive the device back.

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I lost the prepaid envelope to return the device, what can I do?

Please purchase padded bag or Aust Post satchel from Australia Post shop. The address is PO BOX 2068 South Melbourne, VIC 3205, Australia.

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What is Wilh-ma?

Wilh-ma is language of Wagiman, near-extinct indigenous Australian language spoken by fewer than 10 people, which simply means ‘to go’ or ‘to walk’. We believe it reflects Aussie culture of traveling abroad. We also believe that traveling around the world widens knowledge.

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Are you a registered business in Australia?

Yes we are. Our Australia Business Number is 40608201341

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Which country does the pocket wifi work in?

We cover over 100 countries. Please visit http://wilh-ma.com.au/coverage/ for the list of countries.

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How does rental process work?

The page here has the rental process information.

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