Why Rent Pocket Wi-Fi?

  • Stay connected while away from home
  • Share the cost with travel-mates – allows up to 5-10 connections
  • A great travel companion for navigation
  • Browse online translation service to communicate
  • Keep your mobile phone setting (no need to change sim card, fiddle with apps’ setting, contacts, etc)
  • One pocket Wi-Fi device for your notebook, table, phone, and any Wi-Fi enabled device
  • Your own pocket Wi-Fi may not work in some countries as they may have different network setting

Why Choose Wilh-ma?

  • No conversion fluctuation. Price in AUD
  • Peace in mind – delivered to you before departure (FREE delivery and return)
  • Safe time – spend less time to look for collection point and queuing
  • Focus on your travel – straight connection to internet and navigate to your first destination
  • Fixed price – no data excess charges
  • Avoid international transaction credit card fee
  • Competitive price