$1 / Day Taiwan Pocket Wi-Fi

Wilh-ma is offering $1 per Day pocket wifi rental which comes with Unlimited Internet 4G Speed Data. The pocket wifi allows up to 5 connections (share the cost if you are traveling in a group). HURRY Offer ends 30 Jun 2019. You will also be presented vouchers/discounts for souvenirs/gifts shopping in Taiwan.

Please CLICK HERE to make reservation.

This voucher can be used with other offers. Please visit https://wilh-ma.com.au/special-promotion/ for other great deals.

Ask us about airport transfer in Taiwan as well as buying Easy Card for Taipei public transportation

  • Offer ends 30 Jun 2019. Wilh-ma has the right to extend, amend, and cease the promotion period.
    ** The data plan consists of 3 GB high speed 4G LTE, from 3GB to 4 GB the speed throttles to 1 mbps; from 4GB to 5GB the speed throttles to 512 kbps; after 5GB the speed stays at 256 kbps